The Historic Boat Museum in Iquitos has permanent exhibits in the Ayapua (1906) which is docked on the Iquitos waterfront at the Plaza Ramon Castilla. The exhibits in the Ayapua are on the discovery of the Amazon, the Jesuit missionaries, old Iquitos, explorers, steamship navigation, the rubber boom period, geographers of the Peruvian Amazon and the Film Fitzcarraldo. The Ayapua has many original features covering three decks.

The museum includes a short 30 minute excursion in the bay of Iquitos in a restored launch, ‘Amazonina’, which dates from 1912.

River boats were critical to the history of the Amazon and Iquitos. Naval boats protected the frontiers, explored unknown rivers and delivered mail. Rubber boats transported the rubber from far off reaches of the forests to Iquitos and Manaus with these boats being vital to the economic boom. The men behind these boats dedicated their lives to navigating the Amazon River and its territories.

Entrance fee

S/ 10 adults

Student, children and family discounts.






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