The Historic Boat Museum and the Museum of Indigenous Cultures in Iquitos, Peru run a Riverboat Lodge and Riverboat Cruises to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Experience the Amazon, its wildlife, cultures and history on a journey in a historic riverboat with comfortable accommodations, Victorian charm and affordable prices.

general2Museum staff will guide you on excursions, which include morning and evening bird-watching, treks in the rainforest, fishing, observing pink river dolphins, searching for caimans, visiting local Cocama Indian community and an archeological site, tapping rubber at an old rubber tappers house, and canoeing in traditional dugouts. Pre and post extensions include a night at the Casa Morey Hotel and guided tours of the Museums in Iquitos.

For the Riverboat Lodge you stay on board the ‘Clavero’ or ‘Pithecia’, which are docked at the mouth of the Samiria River. The ‘Clavero’ is the oldest boat on the Amazon built in Paris in 1876 and you travel by road (2 hours Iquitos to Nauta) and by speedboat (3 hours Nauta to Samiria) to arrive at the riverboat. Once on board you stay in river-view cabins fitted with air-conditioning and private bathrooms. A variety of excursions are done from the docked boat each day with museum staff. The Riverboat Lodge has 3, 4, 5 and 6 day itineraries available throughout the year, starting from November 2016.

DELFINThe Riverboat Cruise is on the ‘Rio Amazonas’, which was built in Scotland in 1899. This five-day river cruise gives a unique Amazon experience that combines relaxed travel on historic boats, wilderness experience and indigenous villages.  Riverboat Cruise departures are only on specific dates and for 2016 current available dates are 1-5 Oct. and 28 Oct.–1 Nov. All cabins are river-view with air-conditioning and private bathrooms.

Lodge prices start at $480 per person for a 3 day stay and cruise prices start from $850 per person for a 5 day charter cruise.

‘Spend time on a Historic Riverboat in the Amazon rainforests and enjoy the wildlife, rivers, indigenous cultures, and historic sites.’


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